We believe in living courageously.

Because in a world as rough as ours, some people could use a hand. It’s so easy to say no to helping others because of the fact that it drains our own resources. But we believe that is exactly where courage comes in. We know the costs or fears that would prevent us from stepping up. Even with that knowledge, we decide to step forward BOLDLY and COURAGEOUSLY.

OUr Company

We Care

SoHeart cares. Not only about our customers, or about people in recovery. We are a company that cares about PEOPLE.

We Invest

We Invest in our people and in our city. Instead on just building the product that will drive our business, we’ve spent time making sure we help our people. We’ve brought on more interns that we’ve needed, and spent more time training them that we needed. We invest in our people because the stronger they are, the stronger we are. And the stronger we are, the better we can serve families struggling with recovery. We’ve also spent periods of time in multiple Narcotics Anonymous groups so that we can not only make sure we’re helping with boots on the ground but also to make sure we are always improving our understanding of the problems in Addiction Recovery.

We were born from courage

There are a lot of ways that money can be made in software. There are companies and people all over the world that would pay for a product or service that helps them do their work. We know this and have decided that even if we could create anything, in any industry, we want to build something that helps people.

Because we trust that caring about people, investing in them and living courageously enough to take on a challenge for them creates the best possible life for all humans…

SoHeart was born.


Lamar Woods | President & CEO

It was about 20 years ago. I was getting ready for school early in the morning. It was a typical morning… Mom comes in the room, wakes me up, my sister Kenniquae and my older brother Correon. The youngest of three, I typically got help from my older brother for anything I needed. Anything from help brushing my teeth to getting my hair to wave up was an available ask. Many mornings like this, Correon would be in the bathroom brushing not his hair, but mine to keep me fresh. There wasn’t much money to go around, but things were great. Because I was a kid, I didn’t understand how life wasn’t perfect. All I needed was my family and that is exactly what I had.

“How could he just leave? And how could he do that to us?”

– Lamar

Eventually things took a turn for the worst. Correon got into the street life. Gangs, drugs and the street gradually took more and more of Correon’s time. Family tension was high. Correon’s life was taking a negative turn and that didn’t make his already fragile relationship with my dad any better. Things eventually reached a bursting point. After coming home from school one day I realized Correon was gone. And he took the washing machine along with some other items more easy to take. My mom, sister and I were devastated. Later on in life I thought “How could he just leave? And how could he do that to us?”.

Fast forward 20 years. I’m an Entrepreneur and Engineer. I’ve gained a wide breadth of experience in my software career. From start up launches to getting flown to San Jose, CA by Google. I was ready for my next move, not a trivial one either. I wanted to make an impact.

When I asked myself what major problem I wanted to solve, there was only one answer. And just like that, the ideation for SoHeart began.